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"Buy Now" buttons temporarily disabled due to functionality problems from changes through PayPal.  Please contact me for purchases. See contact information below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

To get the best shipping options, email or call in a list of your order instead of using the "Buy Now" buttons. I've added "Buy Now" buttons for convenience, so instant purchases can be made online, but that might not include the best shipping rates, especially if you are purchasing multiple items or really small items and you live near by. If you email or call your order in this gives me the ability to manually combine shipping for you. Please note the item descriptions, item numbers and the address you would like it shipped to. Also include your email address. I will calculate your order using the best options between Flat Rate Priority Mail and regular Priority Mail. On occasion I may decide to use regular USPS or UPS. The price will include delivery confirmation and insurance. You will receive an emailed invoice that will allow you to pay through PayPal or send payment through the mail. Once payment is received and verified I will mail your package.


I'm located in Houma, Louisiana 70360.

Thank you for your interest.

Crystal Nolfo~Brown

*****Please expect to leave a phone message if calling. I will return your call ASAP.