Pottery Seconds and Sales

Pottery seconds is pottery that didn't quite make the cut or that was slightly damaged. It is pottery that is perceived as "flawed" by me. A flawed piece of pottery is quite subjective. One person may perceive something as a flaw, while someone else will say that it is part of the character of the pot. I decided that if I consider it flawed, I will offer it here where someone else may love it anyway. This gives you the ability to buy something at discount if you're willing to accept that flaw. I usually throw them away, but since I've had requests for seconds and these are so pretty, I'll post them here. Please note I will never sell a piece of pottery that is broken but I feel a small indiscriminate chip is up to the buyer when purchasing seconds.

I'll also list pottery clearance sales here when available. Notes will be made accordingly.

Sold   Jar with Chameleon Green Glaze
6.25" x 4.5
Flaw: Tiny Chip on rim.

Item #  1651