Blue Stoneware Pottery Angel with Patina Glaze

Powder Blue Angel
5" x 6.5
Item # 1210-3048

With this angel, I paid close attention to the hair style, making sure that each strand and each curl has perfect placement.   Every angel I create is one of a kind and individually handmade from stoneware clay. Since they are hand built, each one will be different in some way. Whether it be the pattern on the dress or the hair style or the shape of the wings. All are made of individually handmade parts and then assembled by me.   Once completed she is slowly dried and then fired in a kiln. She is now ready for a glaze applications and fired for the last time for over 12 hours reaching temperatures over 2100° F.

I take great care with each Angel to create a piece that you can be proud to own or give as a gift to a loved one.